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Hier,les 2foots ont été faire du canoë sur la rivière "l'Orne".nous sommes donc resté seul toute l'après midi. Mais nous avons été vengé car les 2foots sont rentré mouillés et fatigués. Ils étaient très contants et cela leurs a rappeler leur premier voyage en Engerland.

Yesterday, the 2foots were canoeing on the river "Orne". We remained alone all afternoon. But we were avenged because the 2foots came back wet and tired. They were very happy and that reminded them of their first trip to Engerland.

Soon rich ?

soon rich ?
the road to our burrow is broken.
the workers have dug deep, because they are going to put a very high voltage power line in the ground. the line passes in front of our burrow then goes into engerland and electricity can come back from engerland. Mummy is worried because she thinks that maybe we will feel it in our paws, in our garden.
that being said, what seems to be very interesting is that we think we can earn a few gold coins, because it would be fair for us to receive a tax for the passage on the edge of our burrow. we accept £, euros, hay, vegs and carrots, as a method of payment.
Finley ,construction chief.
Leony ,Chief Accountant.

Carrot for two

"Carrot in love" from our garden .

not snow here !!

Well, it's not fair! the snow may came in our garden Saturday and Sunday but it did not come. it's cold, Mummy and Daddy do not want us to play in our garden. we demanded fresh grass, young rose leaves, raspberry, plantin and burnet, which we tasted in front of the fireplace. this morning Daddy did the manicure ,last Thursday we had our vaccine vhd 1 and myxo, now we are ok with vhd2 that we had before Christmas.

Mummy's car

Mummy have a new car , this is a "poo-load"VW. And there is a nice sticker on it.we had by it on "Hop To Forage"on FB.

how is Ingerland

comment c'est l'ingerland ?
Leony n'a pas ete en ingerland ,elle m'a demande "comment c'est l'ingerland ?,Finley" ... alors j'ai tiré sur les poils du tapis et je lui est dessiné la carte d'ingerland ,maintenant elle sait comment est ingerland .Mummy et daddy ont ete trés impressionnés de mon dessin.

How is the Ingerland?
Leony was not ingerland, she asked me "how is it ingerland ?, Finley" ... so I pulled on the carpet hairs and I drew the ingerland map, now she knows how is ingerland .Mummy and daddy were very impressed with my drawing.

So lovely

We are on the wall.this is a lovely brush drawing made by a daddy's colleague.we are so lovely.

2017 christmas tree

Christmas tree with our gifts and Christmas cards.
thanks Smokey and Arwen, Gus, Helga and Dolly, Darcy Mitsy and Danny.
your christmas card are in the tree
Merry christmas to all off you

Christmas card

This year the first card we received came from Gus and auntie Sarah.
Yesterday an other card came from Smokey and Arwen ,with a very exiting "Cd",we want to eat this but Daddy said "it's not for your teeth,it's for your ears".

what do you prefer ?

it's time now to ask you ...
what do you prefer in our deshydrated treats ?



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