Finley & Leony 2016

Hello les amis

Christmas is already here! For this occasion, Mummy painted our pawtrait. This year our Christmas tree will be this wooden tree and this star that Daddy made to decorate our burrow. We hope Santa will enjoy it and bring us treats.
Happy Christmas to all our friends.
Leony Finley & 2foots

Finley 2014


Hello little buns. It's been a long time since we did not post on LJ. This year I turned 6, leony decided to be 4 years old. Our 2foots have made so much around the sun that they are stunned and lose their heads, but we keep them at our service. They are so stupid that they satisfy all our wishes. Well it's time for dandelion hunting, and I'm the serial killer of dandelions.
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Finley 2014

To the vet .

today i've been with mummy and daddy or even leony at the vet clinic. she was operated on the bladder because she had difficulty for wee . she was awake well i was in the buggy with her to make her a hug and I brought her all what she prefers to eat in the garden. We ate together and then I went back to the burrow with the 2foots to let her rest. Next morning I go to her and I will stay with her all day and we Let's go back together to the burrow. Poor Leony a month ago she has already been to the clinic to get her teeth gnawed.
Finley & Leony 2016

Announces !

hello friends, spring is coming back soon. we are going to help Mummy make a list of all that we have in our garden, and that we put in our belly. we will post pictures. here is the beginning.

Bourrache borage borago officinalis

mouron des oiseaux
Stellaire intermédiaire


Taraxacum officinal

Plantago lanceolata

Strawberries tree

Finley & Leony 2016

Announces !

we declare that we have no more good friends in France.
our best friends are in England and "on the other side of the big pond".
we miss all of us.
See you later friends.
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Finley & Leony 2016

What's hap ?

What is happening ? since 4 months every Saturday there is a lot of noise, screams, explosions, sirens ... but there are also a lot of songs, they are "yellow tunes".
And ,you know what ? We love tunes .