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Mummy's car

Mummy have a new car , this is a "poo-load"VW. And there is a nice sticker on it.we had by it on "Hop To Forage"on FB.

how is Ingerland

comment c'est l'ingerland ?
Leony n'a pas ete en ingerland ,elle m'a demande "comment c'est l'ingerland ?,Finley" ... alors j'ai tiré sur les poils du tapis et je lui est dessiné la carte d'ingerland ,maintenant elle sait comment est ingerland .Mummy et daddy ont ete trés impressionnés de mon dessin.

How is the Ingerland?
Leony was not ingerland, she asked me "how is it ingerland ?, Finley" ... so I pulled on the carpet hairs and I drew the ingerland map, now she knows how is ingerland .Mummy and daddy were very impressed with my drawing.

So lovely

We are on the wall.this is a lovely brush drawing made by a daddy's colleague.we are so lovely.

2017 christmas tree

Christmas tree with our gifts and Christmas cards.
thanks Smokey and Arwen, Gus, Helga and Dolly, Darcy Mitsy and Danny.
your christmas card are in the tree
Merry christmas to all off you

Christmas card

This year the first card we received came from Gus and auntie Sarah.
Yesterday an other card came from Smokey and Arwen ,with a very exiting "Cd",we want to eat this but Daddy said "it's not for your teeth,it's for your ears".

what do you prefer ?

it's time now to ask you ...
what do you prefer in our deshydrated treats ?

noise in the garden!

there was noise in the back of the garden, the 2foots were afraid to go. we were not afraid, we went to see. We crossed the forest of raspberries then passed under the heath. the noises got louder, we arrived in the cabbage alley, then suddenly a strange fog appeared, we reached the thick forest of hazel. I passed by and Leony followed me cautiously behind, strange odors enveloped us and the noises were now clearer. a black bird appeared and he tried to impress us by circling around us and snapping wings and beaks. he began to talk to us "welcome to the magical garden, from where you never come out ...". Leony is shaking.
the sky darkened and a horrible old 2foot arrived sitting on a broomstick, followed by a strange creature "a flying mouse". with her broom she pushed me to see who made so many clicks behind me, Leony was flattened on the floor and she slammed her teeth. the old 2foots tells us that she is called "the witch Burrowitche" and who venturing into her estate does not come out ... unless one succeeds in passing a test. Leony likes the challenges, she got up and put her ears up and I was sure that we would succeed .
She asked us to offer her some treats, I told her that alas we do not have the smallest pieces anymore, because we have already given everything to our friends in Engerland, "Ha !Ha !"she answered" you are very generous little bun, but if you want to come out of my estate, you will have to go through another test ... find me two beautiful juicy and sweet magic apples ... ".I saw an old rat laughing because he thought that we will not succeed. "Well, said she, I must prepare my soup in the cauldron, when it will be ready the two apples will have to be in front of me!" .we went in search of the apples, Leony looked up at the apple trees and me on the ground, there was not a single apple, we walked and crossed hedgerow, then I called Leony to tell her that there were two apples in a tree, but alas they were green, they do not would not be sweet, we would go away believing we would never see our burrow and our Mummy and Daddy and the good food and comfort we had in our sweet burrow .... suddenly a rainbow appeared and the apples became well golden and fell to our paws. we each brought an apple in front of the witch ...the soup finished cooking! with a big burst of laughter "Burrowitche" gave us each a magic hat and she showed us the way back to our burrow and she disappears on her broom.
when we got to the burrow Mummy and Daddy were having tea and Mummy said, "So, little lazy bun, you spent the day making flops,now go for a walk in the garden ...." and Daddy told Mummy "did you noticed, no more noise at the bottom of the garden ".....

Veg Heavy Day for 2

We been very happy because mummy taken our buggy ,mummy brush our fur .we hopped to have a nice trip in our bun buggy.we were very disappointed, when we arrived to the vet...he put liquid in our ears he looked in the bottom of our mouth,he touched our belly !!!
But the worst is that he made a big hole in our skin !!!! And he said "it's ok for VHD2"...We think it means:Veg Heavy Day for 2.
But mummy knows not counted so we just have one service day.
Finley have to take phytotherapy druggs for one month again for his immune.
And me ,the vet said that I have a plug in my ear ,and that I'm too big ...this vet talks bullshits !!!!

in the bin

I'm not happy, Mummy puts the mess in my burrow. if I can, I'll put all that in the bin ....

Nostalgic ...

2foots are so pathetic some times ...
Today Mummy buy two nostalgic cheeses ...
And some night she dreamed about "big triffle"...
And some night Daddy dreamed about ale and drive on the left ..